Horse Boarding Indoor Arena

Our experience and dedication allow us to provide a boarding experience for your horse which is second to none.

The barn owners live onsite within 100 feet of the barn which is directly connected to our competition-sized indoor arena.

See below for some other features:

- Rubber matted stalls and walkways - Individual Turnout (weather permitting)
- Spacious 12ft x 12ft stalls - Wash Stall (Hot and Cold water)
- Proper shavings bed - Onsite Coaching
- Quiet barn environment - Automatic fill water buckets
- Excellent Farrier and Vet available (or use your own)

We invite you to come and have a look around and talk with our staff about your needs.

BoarderAs a busy graduate student, I have limited time to spend with my horse. Debbie and her staff at Equestrian Dreams have welcomed me and my horse and have truly treated my gelding as if he were one of their own.

I feel completely comfortable entrusting my horse to their care. Equestrian Dreams is a professional, safe, and experienced boarding operation. My horse has flourished in the capable hands of the Equestrian Dreams staff. Una Malcom, 2013


Included with your board:

Services Training Professional
Monthly Cost (includes lessons/training sessions, see below) $910 $1,125
Stall Cleaned (x2 daily)
Individual Turnout (weather permitting)
High Quality Hay (x3 daily)
Feed Included (x2 daily)
Supplements (must be supplied and pre-mixed)
Holding for Vet/Farrier
Blankets and Boots
Lessons/Training Sessions Included per week 2 5
** HST to be applied to all prices