Training - Equestrian Dreams

"I am thrilled with the progress my horse and I have made at Equestrian Dreams. Debbie's coaching has made the world of difference to my horse's attentiveness, confidence and eagerness to learn.

After a bad fall several years ago, my confidence was shattered but now that we are working with Debbie, it's back! The expertise, support and encouragement offered at Equestrian Dreams is wonderful - I couldn't ask for more!" T. Thomson


Training should be a series of clear, logical steps which result in you and your horse achieving your goals together.


Training TrainingWhether you are riding for pleasure or competition - we have the experience and depth of knowledge to help you get the most out of every ride.

Investing in training provides lasting results, making a significant difference to your equine partnership.



Training is especially beneficial when:

- Bringing on a young or green horse
- Getting started in, or returning to competition
- Moving to the next level (pleasure or competition)
- Strengthening your equine partnership and confidence in each other
- Moving past a problem or plateau

Equestrian Dreams - Training  Adrianna and Debbie